About Us

Our name - Sukalp - signifies competence. We are a group of professionals with several years of experience in designing and implementing technology solutions. We analyze and solve business problems through a holistic approach founded on enterprise architecture principles and a highly customizable methodology that delivers short term benefits without compromising long term goals

Who We Are

Sukalp9 is a sister concern of DivIHN Integration Inc.

Sukalp9 (S9) helps enterprises transform their engagement with prospects, customers, and partners by leveraging the capabilities of the Salesforce Sales, Marketing, and Service clouds; and the ever expanding partner apps. We are experts in developing high quality custom applications through tools and technologies such as Lightning, Wave, and Heroku. We will work with you to create and implement strategies to integrate on premise applications and datasets with the Salesforce Cloud platform.

Solution Design

Our Salesforce consulting, development, and support services help Marketing, Sales, Customer service and Information Technology teams to create innovative solutions that address unique business needs. Our solutions integrate Salesforce with enterprise applications related to marketing, customer service, quoting, order management, ERP etc and leverage your Salesforce investments above and beyond sales teams.

We help our customers take advantage of the many benefits of the Salesforce development platform such as
The world's most trusted multi-tenant cloud
A metadata driven architecture that allows customization while retaining the ability to receive upgrades
Rapid application development
Large ecosystem
A powerful API